IR-Spektren von Platin(II)-Komplexen mit Glycin, Glycin-und Glycylglycinethylester [1]/IR-Spectra of Platinum(ll) Complexes with Glycine, Glycine Ethyl Ester and Glycylglycine Ethyl Ester [1]

Jurij Ja. Kharitonov, Herbert Bissinger, Eberhard Ambach, Wolfgang Beck
1982 Zeitschrift für Naturforschung. B, A journal of chemical sciences  
The infrared spectra (200-4000 cm-1) of trans- and cis-Pt(NX2CH2COO)2 (X = H, D), trans- and cis-PtCl2(NH2CH2COOH)2, trans-PtCl2(NH2CH2CO2Et)2, cis-PtCl2(NX2CH2CO2Et)2, cis-PtCl2(NX2CH2NXCH2CO2Et)2 (X = H, D) and cis-PtY2(NH2CH2NHCH2CO2Et)2 (Y = Br, I) including 15N derivatives have been studied. There is no appreciable change of vibrational frequencies for corresponding cis- and trans- complexes which could be attributed to the trans-influence of different ligands. Due to lower symmetry most
more » ... wer symmetry most of the absorptions of the cis-complexes are split into doublets compared with the trans-compounds.
doi:10.1515/znb-1982-0815 fatcat:wxobk3fazjd2fjzytv62nxdjyu