The Detection of Prune Juice and Caramel in Vanilla Flavoring Extracts

W. Denis
1911 Journal of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry  
April, 191 I of acrolein and other volatile aldehydes. If aldehydes are present, they must be removed before using the bichromate solution. A blank test simplifies the method and makes the result more accurate than by purifying the glycerine. While performing a systematic analysis of a certain proprietary remedy, a considerable quantity of arsenic was found and while ordinarily the presence of this substance, which is so commonly used in medicines, would call for little comment, in t h b
more » ... nt, in t h b particular instance the remedy was recommended for a disease where arsenic is not prescribed, though the remainder of the ingredients were those commonly used. This product was offered in the form of a chocolate-coated tablet and the analysis had shown that the " chocolate " was brown oxid of iron, and without going into the details of the preparation of iron oxid, it a t once suggested itself that the oxid was contaminated with arsenic. On scraping off the coating from some of the tablets and submitting it to the Marsh test the source of the arsenic was apparent and none was subsequently found in the body of the tablet. Each tablet contained 0.000026 gram figured as As,O" about I part in 10,000, and if the patient took the quantity recommended he would consume daily I/, the adult dose of As,O,.
doi:10.1021/ie50028a018 fatcat:klpod2qngbfphowltzeiqtbfhm