Do Payments for Hydrological Services Reduce Poverty and Strengthen Social Capital? An Examination of Household Welfare and Collective Action in the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca, Mexico [thesis]

Lindsey R Nieratka
DEDICATION This thesis is dedicated to my loving husband. Without his support, patience, love, and calming nature this work would not have been possible. iv ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I wish to thank my committee for their knowledge, support, feedback and patience. Dr. David Bray and Dr. Pallab Mozumder were particularly helpful in the development of my thesis topic and the analysis of my results. I would like to thank Dr. Elvira Duran and the students of CIDIR-Oaxaca for their collaboration and help
more » ... ation and help during my field work in Mexico. Dr. Bray and Dr. Duran were particularly helpful in establishing my work at the field sites. I would also like to thank FIU Master's students Emily Hite and Ernesto de los Santos for their assistance with my field work and moral support and companionship during the field work and thesis writing process. During my field work I had a great deal of assistance from local community members. I would like to thank Don Felipe.from San Pedro for serving as my primary contacts. The surveys would never have been completed without my guides and translators Monica, Carmen, Felipa, and Carmen O. Finally I would like to thank the Tinker Foundation for their generous travel award. Without their assistance this research would not have been possible. v ABSTRACT OF THE THESIS
doi:10.25148/etd.fi11051201 fatcat:olcewdrj6jel5kftnm7p7niynq