A Beautiful Moral

1848 Scientific American  
The velocity of motion is estimated by the Divisibility renders a body capable of being At the k nee where the motion is backwards I t ime e !nploy ed III moving ove . r a certai . n S 1:' ace I ' �ivided, either by a � tual . separat � o � ? f its . par and forwards in the same plane, there is a or by the space moved over III a certaIll tIme. hcles, or by some ImagInary diVidIng hme hinge, mortice and tenon jomt, more accurately I The less the time and the greater the space Dr. Keill has
more » ... Dr. Keill has computed the magnitnde of a defined by the Great Architect than allY that I passed over III that time, the greater is the I I particle of assafretida, to be only 38 trillionths comes out of the hands of the most ingenious I velocity, Thus the sp � ce � � d . time being givof a cubic inch. For the purpose of forming carpenter. At the hip there is a mortice and I en, to find the veloClty dIvIde the s p ace by ,ItS web, the spider has a most curious spin tenon joint oj a peculiar form. There is a the time. The time a nd velocity being given, i ning machine. I t consists of four little knobs socket and a ball so that not only for walking to Ru d the space multiply the velocity by the I or spinners, enclosed by a ring and pierced is it most beautifully and skilfully adapted, time.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican02121848-163d fatcat:fyks22nkarcnpnvbbbf5qydxdu