Prevalence of gastroenteritis and its outcome at pediatric inpatient department: study

S Baviskar, V Chaudhari
Children are considered to be backbone of any nation. India is considered home to the largest number of underweight stunted children in world. Nutritional problems among children cause major morbidity and mortality in India children constitutes more than 34% of total death in India. diarrhea, which is abnormal frequency and liquidity of fecal discharges i.e. more than three loose stools per day. Diarrhea is caused by many different infectious or inflammatory processes in the intestine. These
more » ... intestine. These processes directly affect enterocyte secretory and absorpt associated factors and its outcome in admitted patients. patients admitted to paediatric ward for Acute G ward Result: Seasonal trend was observed during the months of May(30), June(45) and July (74).the maximum patients were observed in the 10 grade of diarrhea was more in the Non The difference was statistically significant the Children whose personal hygiene was unsatisfactory the difference is statically significant (Conclusion: As the main contributory factors for admission to ward due to diarrhea were in adequate immunization and un satisfactory hygienic practice so emphasis should be given to improve these things