A Simple Rope Clamp

1876 Scientific American  
Some of the most interesting relics of the middle ages are to be found in the specimens of metal work which adorn many old mansions in Europe. It is astonishing to see the be auty of proportion and detail, the adaptation of the object to its purpose, and the elaboration of the work, and then to reflect that the whole design was the creation of thfl smith who performed the labor, who thought out the graceful form at the time he wielded the hammer. Schools of aFt, so called, there were none in
more » ... ere were none in those days ; but every work man received, unconsciously, an art edu cation. In Germany, especially, the ap prentice traveled from place to place,
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican08121876-99b fatcat:dpfccgqzsbej7n5cgi5i4lzr5m