Analysis of Urban Rail Express and Local Lines Parking Scheme Based on Elastic Demand

Ningchuan Li, Muhammad Muzammal
2022 Mobile Information Systems  
With the rapid economic development and the continuous expansion of the city scale, the construction of urban rail transit has also been greatly developed. The parking scheme in urban rail transit, as one of its core components, has also received more and more extensive attention. Therefore, in order to effectively solve the parking problem of express trains and local trains in urban rail transit, this paper constructs a two-level parking planning model for express trains and local trains in
more » ... an rail transit based on the demand elasticity of passenger flow. The model constructed by the upper level stops mainly aims at maximizing the operational benefit, with the lower limit of the train stops as the constraint; the routes of the lower level stops are designed to minimize the total travel time and limit the continuity and feasibility of the passenger path. Finally, the method proposed in this paper is verified by an example, which shows the usability and effectiveness of the model and proves that the high-speed local mobile parking scheme is more suitable for the passenger flow with special spatial distribution. It provides a certain reference value for the optimization of urban rail transit express and slow line parking scheme.
doi:10.1155/2022/6166694 fatcat:2llzefh64vh3rmqh2735bfkkhe