Dynamically emergent flavor in a confining theory with unbroken chiral symmetry

Mikhail Shifman
2016 Physical Review D  
I discuss "truncated" QCD studied recently by Glozman et al. through numerical simulations. For two flavors it was observed that truncation restores the full chiral U(2)× U(2) symmetry of the Lagrangian. Moreover, additional enhancement of the above symmetry connecting representations with distinct Lorentz spins was observed. I argue that the chiral symmetry restoration in a confining theory could entail emergent (extra) dynamical flavors which would show up in the spectrum of color-singlet
more » ... icles provided their mass ≠ 0. As an example, I consider truncated QCD with a single massless Dirac quark. Assuming the validity of the above observations,I demonstrate how a dynamical SU(2)_fl symmetry could emerge for massive spin-1 mesons without contradicting general principles.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.93.074035 fatcat:cwt5sdt6dfexjagw2y6rhoxwbi