Unsupervised Play: Machine Learning Toolkit For Max

Benjamin D. Smith, Guy E. Garnett
2012 Zenodo  
Machine learning models are useful and attractive tools for the interactive computer musician, enabling a breadth of interfaces and instruments. With current consumer hardware it becomes possible to run advanced machine learning algorithms in demanding performance situations, yet expertise remains a prominent entry barrier for most would-be users. Currently available implementations predominantly employ supervised machine learning techniques, while the adaptive, self-organizing capabilities of
more » ... nsupervised models are not generally available. We present a free, new toolbox of unsupervised machine learning algorithms implemented in Max 5 to support real-time interactive music and video, aimed at the non-expert computer artist.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1178418 fatcat:spm3udg4djcc7guxv2npqwfd4u