Francia­Recensio 2017/2 Mittelalter-Moyen Âge (500-1500)

Peregrine Horden, London
We have been here before. »It is worthwhile noting that the hagiography of the Syrian world shows a remarkable degree of involvement on the part of holy men in the resolution of social grievances.« So Peter Brown writes in his most recent book­length discussion of the profound issues raised by wealth, poverty and giving from early Christianity into the Middle Ages. The reference in his text is to the fifth­ century theologian and bishop, Theodoret. But the implicit allusion is to the territory
more » ... s to the territory and topic of Brown's first hugely­influential article of 1971, »The rise and function of the holy man in late antiquity«. Ten pages later, Brown directly cites his first monograph, his classic 1967 biography of St Augustine, concerning the »generation of St Paul« active in the eastern Mediterranean in the late 4 th century.