A microRNA Profile of Human CD8+ Regulatory T cells and Characterization of the Effects of microRNAs on Treg Cell-Associated Genes [chapter]

Fadi Jebbawi, Hussein Fayyad-Kazan, Makram Merimi, Philippe Lewalle, Mohammad Fayyad-Kazan, Walid Rachidi, Aksam Merched, Malak Alannan, Jean-Christophe Verougstraete, Oberdan Leo, Pedro Romero, Arsene Burny (+3 others)
2020 Immunology and Cancer Biology  
H., Merimi, M. et al. A microRNA profile of human CD8+ regulatory T cells and characterization of the effects of microRNAs on Treg cellassociated genes. J Transl Med 12, 218 (2014). Abstract Background: Recently, regulatory T (Treg) cells have gained interest in the fields of immunopathology, transplantation and oncoimmunology. Here, we investigated the microRNA expression profile of human natural CD8 + CD25 + Treg cells and the impact of microRNAs on molecules associated with immune
more » ... Methods: We purified human natural CD8 + Treg cells and assessed the expression of FOXP3 and CTLA-4 by flow cytometry. We have also tested the ex vivo suppressive capacity of these cells in mixed leukocyte reactions. Using TaqMan lowdensity arrays and microRNA qPCR for validation, we could identify a microRNA 'signature' for CD8 + CD25 + FOXP3 + CTLA-4 + natural Treg cells. We used the 'TargetScan' and 'miRBase' bioinformatics programs to identify potential target sites for these microRNAs in the 3′-UTR of important Treg cellassociated genes.
doi:10.37247/imcac.1.2020.2 fatcat:klkkcmqgw5gpvjlklxer4ltpvu