A Feedback Stabilization and Collision Avoidance Scheme for Multiple Independent Nonholonomic Non-Point Agents

D.V. Dimarogonas, K.J. Kyriakopoulos
Proceedings of the 2005 IEEE International Symposium on, Mediterrean Conference on Control and Automation Intelligent Control, 2005.  
A navigation functions' based methodology, established previously for decentralized navigation of multiple holonomic agents, is extended to address the problem of decentralized navigation of multiple nonholonomic agents. In contrast to our previous work, each agent does not require any knowledge about the velocities and the desired destinations of the other members of the team. Furthermore, the control inputs are the acceleration and rotational velocity of each vehicle, coping in this way with
more » ... ealistic dynamics of classes of mechanical systems. Asymptotic stability is guaranteed by LaSalle's Invariance Principle for nonsmooth systems. The collision avoidance and global convergence properties are verified through simulations.
doi:10.1109/.2005.1467120 fatcat:6dy5qkl2fvagrpif56h5qs5s7i