Unsilenced voices : a narrative study of parental engagement practices for black parents of sons being served under IDEA 2004 [thesis]

Sandra Gillins
This phenomenological investigation encompasses two broad goals. The first was to understand the beliefs, perceptions, events and lived experiences as explicated via the stories and descriptions as told by Black parents of elementary and middle grade sons receiving special education services under IDEA. The second goal of the study was to elicit a deeper understanding of institutional racism embedded in the social constructs and practices within schools and its effect on the parental engagement
more » ... parental engagement practices of this group. The qualitative method utilizing the narrative tradition was utilized to elicit rich and authentic detail that can only come from lived experiences, perceptions and feelings of the participants. The use of critical race theory (CRT) was selected as a conceptual foundation upon which to guide this critical investigation and analysis and to understand the significance of race and racism as a normalized construct in American society, replicated in education policy and practice within found in K-12 schools (Solorzano & Delgado, 2001). This study examined the nuanced parental engagement practices of Black parents of sons receiving instructional support and services under the IDEA 2004 and will contribute to extant studies where the collective voice of Black parents will challenge practitioners, policymakers and all other stakeholders to embrace the importance of establishing authentic partnerships with Black families and their communities.
doi:10.17760/d20328891 fatcat:fqlqz3ijzvhvrmmqreroxxajcm