Existentially-Psychological Projection Of Healing In Oncology

Elena A. Evstifeeva
2021 unpublished
The article gives a theoretical justification of the explanatory possibilities of the existential-psychological model of healing in managing the quality of life associated with health in oncology. This model of healing is focused on the principle of participatory, personalized medicine. According to this principle, oncological treatment is constructed on the dialogue communication of all subjects of healing. Such subjects are doctors, patients, medical workers, and other entities. Dialogue
more » ... ties. Dialogue communication is possible based on confidential communication between subjects, using reflective, responsible, existentially open patient behavior. The proposed simulation filters the personal parameters of the quality of life associated with the health of the cancer patient, his existential attitude, reflective and personal characteristics of the patient. The model contains the idea of a comparative analysis of objective and subjective measurements of the quality of life of a cancer patient. As a result, it becomes possible to obtain a medical-psychological "package" of knowledge about the existential-psychological characteristics of a cancer patient. Based on existing knowledge, it is possible to manage indicators of quality of life associated with health by expanding medical and psychological diagnostic tools to assess the quality of life-related to the health of cancer patients, as well as provide their psychological support. : Cancer patient, nature of personalized medicine, the quality of life, the existential-psychological model https: //doi.org/10.15405/epsbs.
doi:10.15405/epsbs.2021.02.02.29 fatcat:7vluyjcirfe4xkrwcy3er335ye