1929 Journal of Bacteriology  
The acido-proteolytic bacteria, discovered by me in 1892-18941 attack both carbohydrates and proteins simultaneously. They are able, therefore, to peptonize even in an acid medium. By means of simultaneous observations of the heat production by bacteria and enumeration of the organisms in the culture it is possible to correlate growth curves with curves of the liberation of heat. A combination of such observations, with those of the morphological changes and life-phases of bacteria, yields some
more » ... cteria, yields some information as to the metabolic activities of a culture at various periods. By the use of Buchanan's formula, the rate of heat production by a single bacterial cell can be calculated, and the observed values agree closely with those derived by this calculation. Changes in the rate of heat production are related to changes in the growth rate of bacteria. Young bacterial cells produce more heat per cell than older ones. After about the fifth hour of growth, the production of heat reaches a low level and remains constant, suggesting the existence of a basal metabolic rate during that period. 3 on May 9, 2020 by guest
doi:10.1128/jb.17.1.1-61.1929 fatcat:aqx4td7qdvedtfvw77azhi7rhu