Evaluation of pesticidal properties of Euphorbia tirucalli L. (Euphorbiaceae) against selected pests

Tedson Julius Mwine, Patrick Van Damme
2011 Afrika Focus  
This thesis is a compilation of original research papers investigating the evaluation of pesticidal properties of Euphorbia tirucalli L. (Euphorbiaceae) against a number of pest species. Subsistence and organic farmers in developing countries are faced with a pest and disease dilemma. They are expected not to apply synthetic pesticides and many cannot afford them. Confronted with a shortage of modern technologies like biological control techniques and refined organically acceptable
more » ... ptable alternatives, farmers have been compelled to turn to traditional means like application of plant extracts which are unfortunately often not researched upon. Indeed, some native farmers are knowledgeable about some pesticidal plants but most do not know the particular pests to use them against, the dose to apply nor how often to apply them. The implication is that even when the extracts would be effective, if they are wrongly applied, they would not perform to expected efficacy. The need of efficacy evaluation for such pesticidal plants is therefore of paramount importance. As part of a bigger project to evaluate efficacy and utility of pesticidal plants in southern Uganda, this work was guided by the following objectives: a) develop an inventory of pesticidal plants used in southern Uganda in order to establish use and utility of E. tirucalli as a pesticidal plant, b) evaluate efficacy ofE. tirucalli fresh latex on major cabbage pests in the field, c) assess E. tirucalli fresh latex efficacy on Anopheles mosquitoes in the field and d) establish nematode host status of E. tirucalli in order to find out ifit is nematicidal or a nematode victim. AFRIKA FOCUS-20II·06 [119)
doi:10.21825/af.v24i1.18035 fatcat:e7zz6vilw5gdbckma6mdez2mce