Model of Cortical-Basal Ganglionic Processing: Encoding the Serial Order of Sensory Events

David G. Beiser, James C. Houk
1998 Journal of Neurophysiology  
Model of cortical-basal in analyzing serial events and in using the results to control ganglionic processing: encoding the serial order of sensory events. behavior. Subjects with frontal lobe lesions show impaired J. Neurophysiol. 79: 3168-3188, 1998. Several lines of evidence performance on tasks requiring organization of sequential suggest that the prefrontal (PF) cortex and basal ganglia are impointing responses (Petrides and Milner 1982; Wiegersma portant in cognitive aspects of serial
more » ... ects of serial order in behavior. We present et al. 1990), serial-order recognition (Kesner et al. 1994), a modular neural network model of these areas that encodes the or recency judgments (Milner et al. 1991). Monkeys subserial order of events into spatial patterns of PF activity. The model 0022-3077/98 $5.00
doi:10.1152/jn.1998.79.6.3168 pmid:9636117 fatcat:wac5svizifhudgn6n3vctldls4