HABITUAL CLEANLINESS IN PUBLIC PLACES (A study on the opinion of Calicut residents)

Dhinakar Jelince, Abraham
Asia Pacific Journal of Research   unpublished
Cleanliness is an important habit every citizen has to observe. Observing cleanliness in public places is not only good for an individual, but also for the society and the environment in which we live. Public cleanliness leads to a healthy and hygienic life. It plays a vital role in preventing various epidemics. Clean environment paves way for the inhabitants to a healthy and safe life. So, it is an essential duty of every citizen to observe cleanliness in public places. It is the duty of every
more » ... body to keep our environment clean and save our planet from all imperils of pollution. In modern times, the importance for eco friendly life and cleanliness is gaining more acceptance world wide, since the very existence of man kind is in danger without the same. The role and responsibility of every individual in keeping the public places clean is the key to achieving a clean and safe environment. Every citizen has to check the level of his/her cleanliness and his/her concern towards cleanliness in public places. But, in a country like India, the citizens' poor awareness and responsibility towards cleanliness in public places is evident just through a momentary look on to the streets, bus stands, railway stations, shopping zones and other public places. There is no difference between villages, metro cities, and cosmopolitan cities or between the educated and uneducated in observing cleanliness in public places. However, the habit of observing cleanliness is to be practiced irrespective of any of these differences. Public cleanliness matters the most for Calicut, a major town of Kerala, a place known for its population, rich heritages, tourism, and education. But, it is not an exemption to the perils of unclean shores, grimy bus stands and garbage scattered streets. Hence, the opinion of the residents of this town towards cleanliness, common habits preventing cleanliness, and the inhabitants' awareness towards probable physical disorders owing to nonobservance of cleanliness were researched upon and are presented in this paper.