Revocable Attribute-Based Data Integrity Auditing Scheme on Lattices

Xiaoyan Zhang, Xueyan Liu, Qiong Liu, Jing Wang
2022 Advances in Computer Science Research   unpublished
To save local storage space and protect data privacy, enterprises store data in the private cloud. The private cloud is only open to internal users of the enterprise, but the data owners lose control over outsourced data, so data integrity auditing is still an urgent problem to be solved in secure cloud storage. Although the existing data integrity auditing schemes on lattices can effectively resist the quantum attack, they lack fine-grained management of user permissions and have key escrow
more » ... blems. This paper combines attribute-based signature on lattices to construct a revocable attribute-based data integrity auditing scheme on lattices. Firstly, the system master key is generated by using the trapdoor generation algorithm, and then combined with the user's attribute set, the user's initial key is generated by using the lattice extbasis algorithm. Secondly, users add their own identity information and generate real keys without key escrow by using lattice randbasis algorithm. In the data submission stage, the Gauss sampling algorithm and the lattice extbasis algorithm are combined to generate the signature. Moreover, the authorization center periodically updates the revocation list through user identities and attribute sets to implement dynamic management of users. Based on the hardness assumption of SIS problem, it is proved that the scheme has strong unforgeability and storage correctness. Compared with the existing data integrity auditing scheme, the security and practicability are higher.
doi:10.2991/978-94-6463-108-1_44 fatcat:bhsmsrttknfy5l3fdcsmvsupnm