Minimization of the automatic machine structure process of accounting and control of railway automation and telemechanics devices

Dilshod Baratov, Elmurod Astanaliev, V. Breskich, S. Uvarova
2021 E3S Web of Conferences  
The article explores the features of electronic document management of technical documentation of railway automation and telemechanics. A block diagram of an automaton model of technical documentation is developed. The proposed block diagram of a formalized model of technical documentation consists of matrices of external microoperations, internal microoperations, code creation for the following microcomponents. The number of internal states of the firmware is completely determined by the
more » ... rmined by the number of logic elements of the algorithms. The size of the matrices depends on the number of operators and logical conditions in the logic circuits of the algorithms. In this paper, a non-maximal group of compatible elements of logic circuits of algorithms is used as a microcommand, which led to the simplification of the matrix of the circuit of the firmware automaton. In the considered method of forming the maximum groups of compatible elements of logic schemes of algorithms, micro operations included in each micro command are performed simultaneously in one microtact. The structure of the firmware of the machine is simplified due to the transition from simple to complex micro-ops.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202124408024 fatcat:runvvmezmnh4nfv4d53v4pgm54