Channel and wedge plasmon modes of metallic V-grooves with finite metal thickness

José Dintinger, Olivier J.F. Martin
2009 Optics Express  
We investigate numerically the effect of a finite metal film thickness on the propagation characteristics of the channel plasmon polariton (CPP) and wedge plasmon polariton (WPP) modes, both in a symmetric and asymmetric environment. We observe that decreasing the metal thickness results in an improvement of the field localization near the groove tip and an increase of the losses for both types of mode. This behavior stems from the typical symmetric charge distribution of both modes across the
more » ... etal film. When considering an asymmetric dielectric environment, the CPP mode is found to evolve into short range plasmon modes propagating along the groove walls, in contrast to the WPP mode which remains essentially confined at the tip apex. These results can be useful to tailor the properties of such plasmon modes, using the metal thickness as the variable parameter.
doi:10.1364/oe.17.002364 pmid:19219140 fatcat:bik7bbdjhbajda4ckn6rejpyzm