Modulated IR radiometry as a tool for the thickness control of coatings

S Chotikaprakhan, F Vaz, R T Faria, A C Fernandes, P Kijamnajsuk, J Gibkes, B K Bein, F Macedo
2010 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
The thickness of coatings can be determined using the data measured by Modulated IR Radiometry for sets of coatings, produced under specific controlled conditions: -Keeping constant all deposition parameters except the deposition time, coatings of approximately constant thermal transport properties, but different thickness are produced. The modulated IR phase lag signals measured for the coatings are calibrated with the help of signals obtained for homogeneous opaque reference samples of smooth
more » ... surface. Quantitative results for the thermal transport properties are obtained using the inverse solution of the 2-layer thermal wave problem by which direct relations are established between the relative extrema of the inverse calibrated thermal wave phase signals measured as a function of the heating modulation frequency and the thermal coating parameters, the ratio of the effusivities coating-to-substrate, the coating's thermal diffusion time, and the coating thickness. The coating thickness values obtained by Modulated IR Radiometry are compared with the values measured by standard microscopic methods, and relative errors of 3 -4% have been found for the coating thickness of a set of TiCO coatings on steel, presented here as an example.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/214/1/012081 fatcat:afv5vqxstzbfldxvqbk6ong3pi