Identification of the gene loci that predispose to rheumatoid arthritis

S. Shiozawa, S. Hayashi, Y. Tsukamoto, H. Goko, H. Kawasaki, T. Wada, K. Shimizu, N. Yasuda, N. Kamatani, K. Takasugi, Y. Tanaka, K. Shiozawa (+1 others)
1998 International Immunology  
We have searched the human genome for genes that predispose to rheumatoid arthritis (RA) using fluorescence-based microsatellite marker analysis and affected sib-pair linkage study. A panel of 41 Japanese families, each with at least two affected siblings, was typed for genome-wide 358 polymorphic microsatellite marker loci. Markers were amplified by the PCR using fluorescencetagged primers and sized based on the difference of CA repeats on DNA. Linkage analysis was made using maximum lod score
more » ... (MLS). The MLS for D1S214 and D8S556 was 3.27 and 3.33, while the MLS for the HLA-DRB1 region was <3.0. According to detailed analysis by single-point analysis using MAPMAKER/SIBS, the MLS for D1S253 and D1S214 was 3.77 and 3.58. The MLS by multipoint analysis was 6.13 for D1S253. The MLS for D8S556 by single-point analysis was 4.20. The MLS for DXS1232 was 2.35 by single-point analysis, whereas the MLS for the region 2 cM right to DXS1232 and the region between DXS1227 and DXS1200 was 3.03 and 2.93 by multi-point analysis. Three principal chromosome regions of linkage, D1S253/214, D8S556 and DXS1232, have been identified which we call RA1, RA2 and RA3 for RA disease loci.
doi:10.1093/intimm/10.12.1891 pmid:9885910 fatcat:hgdrd4il7fga3fs25hvidhljei