Research of technological process for medicinal plant separation

Augustina Pruteanu, Mihai Matache, David Ladislau, Adriana Muscalu
2017 unpublished
Medicinal plants contain biologically active substances with therapeutic value. Primary and advanced processing of medicinal plants is important for assuring an enhanced quantity of raw materials and preserving or increasing their valuable constituents. Obtaining available high quality phyto-therapeutic products is possible only by using state-of-the art technical equipment adapted to each plant requirements. The technological separation process of medicinal plants on sieves is a complex
more » ... and is influenced by many factors: sieve charge, sieve dimension, components of vegetal material, dimension difference between plant fragments and the holes they pass through, sieve cinematic regime, plant humidity and their content of bioactive substances, etc. Based on correlations between the presented elements one can establish the technological parameters of the sorting process so that to make a quality separation. This paper presents experimental data on the separation process of nettle herb (Urtica dioica) and chicory herb (Cichorium intybus) on the length of flat vibrating sieves depending on the flow rate and sieve angle of inclination. In order to find an optimal separating efficiency and to characterize the separation process of nettle herb and chicory on the length of flat vibrating sieves we focus on: the separation intensity on the sieve length, cumulative separation on the sieve length and the efficiency of the separation process. The results are important for: medicinal plant processing, separating nettle and chicory herbs, designers of machines for separating medicinal plants and obtaining high quality phyto-therapeutic products.
doi:10.22616/erdev2017.16.n182 fatcat:ujmq7fh74beu7p6ojmwr3y2m7q