Bhadra, Hari Kumar Singh, Gaurav Kahndelwal, Aman Kumar
There are wide varieties of system being used to control air pollution and scrubber system is one of those which are being used to control the emissions out of the exhaust of the diesel vehicles. Fuel burns in combustion chamber to give hazardous particulate emission out of the exhaust manifold. The objective of this experiment is to control the emission out of the exhaust by means of scrubber system used with water with different components in order to minimize the emission to maximum level.
more » ... to maximum level. The basic principle behind this technique is absorption or particle wetting in which the solid particle is brought in contact of the liquid and the solid particle get absorbed in the colloidal form and get dissolved in the water or get settled down in the of colloidal form. The experiment was done on the Indian emission standards of hartridge smoke unit (65 HSU) used by "Pollution Under Control" Test van (PUC) used for diesel vehicles. The experiment was performed with a model which was connected at the rear of the exhaust of Chevrolet Tavera NEO 3 LS and 4-stroke diesel engine and then the readings were taken from the wet scrubber and the results were positive and again it was done by mixing calcium carbonate (lime stone) and the emission was minimized to too much extent. This technique is quite helpful in control of pollution from diesel vehicles or any 4-stroke C.I engine as these emit a lot of pollution out of the exhaust in the environment.