Full TCP/IP for 8-bit architectures

Adam Dunkels
2003 Proceedings of the 1st international conference on Mobile systems, applications and services - MobiSys '03  
We describe two small and portable TCP/IP implementations fulfilling the subset of RFC1122 requirements needed for full host-to-host interoperability. Our TCP/IP implementations do not sacrifice any of TCP's mechanisms such as urgent data or congestion control. They support IP fragment reassembly and the number of multiple simultaneous connections is limited only by the available RAM. Despite being small and simple, our implementations do not require their peers to have complex, full-size
more » ... , but can communicate with peers running a similarly light-weight stack. The code size is on the order of 10 kilobytes and RAM usage can be configured to be as low as a few hundred bytes.
doi:10.1145/1066116.1066118 fatcat:oz2aq4igozh2llsnm3y3etwlcy