Reports of Societies

1923 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
A MEETING of the Cape of Good Hope (Western Province) Brancih was held in Cape Town on May 25th, when the President, Dr. C. M. MURRAY, presided, and thirty-five members were present. Caesarean Section. Sir EDMOND S. STEVENSON read a paper on Caesarean section. He dwelt on the danger of the scar rupturing at a subsequent confinement, and spoke at length on the difficulties of sterilizing a woman at the time of section. The indications which he laid down for Caesarean section were accidental
more » ... ere accidental haemorrhage, eclampsia, and placenta praevia. As regards operation he favoured the lower uterine segment scar. Professor E. C. CRIceYTON congi'atulated Sir Edmond Stevenson on his courage and spirit in oontributing a paper in spite of his advanced years. The paper gave a true account of the operation of thirty years ago, but ideas had changed materially, and the indications laid down by Sir Edmond were no longer accepted in their entirety. He agreed as to the great importance of placing swabs in the abdomen before opening the uterus. Dr. C. W. CoMRIE-SHARP described his own technique. Dr. D. H. WESSELS agreed with Professor Crichton regarding the indications for operation. Contracted pelvis was rare in Cape Town. He thought that if placenta praevia was seen late, Caesarean section might be considered. He thought the personality and lengthy experience of the speaker had lent tremendous interest to a paper which had shown very clearly how much the conception of this operation had changed. Mr. C. C. ELLIOTT remarked how rarely Caesarean section was carried out in South Africa; in a very large experience he had only performed the operation three times. Sir EDMOND STEVENSON replied to the discussion, and the PRESIDENT thanked him on behalf of the Branch for his contribution.
doi:10.1136/bmj.1.3261.1093-a fatcat:tlwum6p7rret7kbfam2kecacjm