A Safety Exit Interview: Could there be safety gains? [article]

Cassandra Cottle, University Of Canterbury
This study sought to investigate the relationship between safety voicing and employee turnover. A model of the safety exit interview process was developed, along with reasons why conducting a safety exit interview may help improve workplace safety. A generic safety exit survey template was developed and administered to a sample of workers previously employed in high safety risk occupations. 126 participants completed the study measures. The type of information which the safety exit survey
more » ... ed is described. Results found clear evidence that safety concerns had influenced participants to leave their previous job. It was also found participants wished to voice these safety concerns at exit, but for some reason they could not or chose not to do so. Results also support the predictions that management and co-worker trust and support for safety, would be negatively associated with voicing within the safety exit survey context. Support was also found for the prediction that management trust and support for safety, would be positively associated with the actual voicing of safety issues on the job. Overall, this study seeks to improve workplace safety through encouraging the use of a safety exit interview.
doi:10.26021/7784 fatcat:zphs5vvr45hlvimuayirfphqzy