Unified analysis of spin isospin responses of nuclei

T. Wakasa, M. Ichimura, H. Sakai
2005 Physical Review C  
We investigated the Gamow-Teller (GT) strength distribution, especially the quenching with respect to the GT sum rule, and the enhancement of the pionic responses in the quasielasic scattering region, in the same theoretical framework. That is the continuum random phase approximation with the pi+rho+g' model interaction, incorporated with distorted wave impulse approximation and two-step calculations. From this analysis we searched the Landau-Migdal parameters, g'NN and g'ND, through the
more » ... son with the experimental data of the GT strength distribution obtained at 300 MeV and the spin-longitudinal (pionic) cross sections IDq of (p,n) at 350 and 500 MeV. This comprehensive and sophisticated study gave a common set of g'NN=0.6-0.7 and g'ND=0.2-0.4, for both low and high momentum transfers.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.72.067303 fatcat:y5l5naahhfeojbbwfni3ilky2e