Construction and Utilization Plan of Steep Slope and Underground Spatial Information DB for Steep Slope Disaster Prevention
급경사지방재를 위한 급경사지정보 및 지하공간정보 DB 구축과 활용 방안 연구

Kyungchul Lee, Yonggu Jang, Jihye Song, Injoon Kang
2014 Journal of the Korean geoenvironmental society  
Recently, a great number of natural disasters have more frequently happened than the past. The National Emergency Management Agency of Korea has made preparation for the integrated management system of steep slope lands. There is information based on the steep slope inspection sheets and the underground spatial information related to the prevention against steep slope disasters. Nevertheless, building a complete DB System to prevent the hazards and secure the safeties should be urgently dealt
more » ... be urgently dealt with. It is mainly because the information of the National Disaster Management System is restricted to the text-based brief data. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to suggest the method as to building steep slope DB system for disaster prevention and maximizing the availabilities. This study shows the way of building a web-based DB system having its root in the steep slope inspection sheets. The method of establishing the ideal DB system that has liaisons between the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the National Emergency Management Agency is discussed in this study. Furthermore the optimization of DB utilization will assist the various integrated steep slope management systems based on U-IT which are ongoing projects.
doi:10.14481/jkges.2014.15.7.13 fatcat:ubmwhy3isrblfkbxdk2osy7f3m