Encoding of Color Images in DWT domain using FrFT

Kshitij Agrawal, Shalini Batra
2016 Proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Information Communication Technology & Computing - AICTC '16  
Information security is an important challenge in today's world. As digital information can be transferred through various modes, the security of its content has become an important task to deal with. Various areas like medical imaging, defense and advertising make use of digital information in the form of images. Thus their confidentiality and security needs to be preserved. This work introduces a novel technique for color image encoding and decoding, which uses Discrete Wavelet Transform
more » ... and Fractional Fourier Transform (FrFT). In proposed work, all three planes of color images are encoded using subbands of DWT and parameters of FrFT. Selection of subband (among the subbands obtained after applying DWT) for applying FrFT and parameters of FrFT are used as security key for the purpose of encoding and decoding of all three color channels. For ensuring that color images are correctly decoded, the knowledge of correct selection of subband of DWT for applying FrFT and exact values of FrFT parameters is required. Correct decoding is not possible without the correct knowledge of DWT subband and FrFT parameters values. The proposed technique is also compared with one of the recent existing scheme and involves the use experimental results to show the performance of the proposed scheme.
doi:10.1145/2979779.2979834 fatcat:qnww6ss5jvfzrgrfcjlggkbxym