The Principles and Practice of Surgery

1842 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
It would be easy to multiply instances calculated to show the necessity of what I wish to impress on your minds, and that is, that every physician should be acquainted with the principles and practice of surgery. Even if he should be so situated, that there will be no occasion for him to perform the operations, or even attend to the management of surgical diseases, he will still find that the knowledge he possesses of surgery will often aid him in the practice of medicine. In our country,
more » ... r, there are but few of us so situated ; we are required to attend to all the diseases of the body, and all the accidents to which it is liable. But few can be operating surgeons, because this part of our labors requires constant practice to do it well and to give confidence to him who operates. Nor is it necessary for all who practise surgery to attempt to operate ; for it is not usual to meet with cases in private practice, where a delay sufficiently long to obtain the aid of a skilful operator is prejudicial to the patient.
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