A low-cost, low-delay location update/paging scheme in hierarchical cellular networks

Xiaoxin Wu, Biswanath Mukherjee, Bharat Bhargava
2003 Proceedings of the 3rd ACM international workshop on Data engineering for wireless and mobile access - MobiDe '03  
A low-cost, two-step location update/paging scheme in a macrocell/microcell network is proposed and investigated. To reduce operating cost, the location update is operated only in the macrocell tier. A callee will be paged in the macrocell tier first. If the paging delay in the macrocell tier is too high due to large queuing delay, the callee will then be paged in the microcell tier. Original searching method is used in the microcell tier paging. The operation for the scheme is simple, since
more » ... macrocell/microcell cellular network has the advantage that a mobile user in such a cellular network can receive a signal from both a macrocell and a microcell. The analytical results show that, along with the low location update/paging cost, the two-step paging scheme also achieves low paging delay.
doi:10.1145/940929.940932 fatcat:gy3u6ysanbdbbeftgo4e3gugbi