Paris Letter

1910 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
favor of the tuberculous formirregular course of fever without crisis, absence of dyspnea and cyanosis, increasing pallor of the face, early appearance of a strong diazoreaction and an " exquisite " green color of the sputum. As a rule, tubercle bacilli are not found until the prolonged course of the disease has already suggested the true diagnosis. A marked leucocytosis is almost constant in croupous pneumonia; in acute tuberculosis there may be a moderate leucocytosis, but leucopenia is the
more » ... le. The occurrence in the sputum of fibrinous casts of the bronchi speaks for croupous as against tuberculous pneumonia. Obermayer and Popper have demonstrated bilirubin in the sputum of pneumococcus pneumonia and consider its f>resence of diagnostic importance. It must be remem->ered that croupous pneumonia and acute phthisis may coexist, although such cases are rare. The prognosis of acute tuberculous (pseudo-lobar) pneumonia is generally bad, death occurring in a few weeks or months. There are cases on record, however, of resolution and recovery.
doi:10.1056/nejm191002031620520 fatcat:lrjhejcwezctbp7b2g2n5kl2pa