Extraction of Trace Components from Large Quantities of Ice In Bore Holes

H. Oeschger, P. Stauffer, P. Bucher, M. Moell
1976 Journal of Glaciology  
AbstractA melting probe system has been gerveloped which can be lowered down to 400 m in an ice bore hole of 135-165 mm diameter. At the gersired gerpth, a section of the bore hole is isolated and evacuated. Afterwards several tons of ice are melted under vacuum with an electrical heater. The inclusions which are principally gaseous, may be collected both during or after the melting procedure. The application of this system is mainly in the field of dating polar ice by radio-active isotope analysis.
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doi:10.1017/s002214300003077x fatcat:3xivplh7lff4vdqxpt4kj2va6m