The inter-annual variability of the properties of rice used for Sake brewing

Tomochika MIZUMA, Sachiko FURUKAWA, Tomomi NAKAMURA, Yoshifumi KIYOKAWA, Toshiyasu YANAGIUCHI, Yoshinori WAKAI
The properties of rice used for Sake brewing that had been cultivated in the period 1991-4996 were analyzed.Statistical analysis was used to summarize the results.Items that were analyzed that a clear variation in the characteristics were the weight of 1000 grains of brown rice,the polishing time and the absorbed water rate(20 min).The effects of cultivation year and the variation in characteristics was equivalent for the other items analyzed. In comparison with the other years of
more » ... e crude protein content rose in rice cultivated in 1993,which produced an extremely bad harvest.The properties of this years for sake brewing crop were unique for sake meter,alcohol and acidity. Using the same variety sample,the effect of cultivation site and year of cultivation was examined.As a result,the analysis of cultivation site showed a difference in the weight of 1000 grains of brown rice and absorbed water rate(20 min).On the other hand,the analysis of cultivation year showed a difference in digestibility(absorbed water after steaming,Baume,reducing sugar),sake meter and amino acidity.As a result of factor analysis using the properties required for sake brewing,it was found that the extracted factor item and contribution ratio were sunder for each year,and the factor for the taste of that generation of sake was always the first factor.There was a dispersion produced by the cultivation year for the factor score of each variety,and in addition,the degree differed according to the variety.
doi:10.6013/jbrewsocjapan1988.96.349 fatcat:sg2pnwacobactjisbvrlp4b67q