Evaluation of Blood Flow Parameters of the Macular Area and Optic Disc in Patients with Combination of Glaucoma and Axial Myopia

E. N. Eskina, A. V. Belogurova, V. S. Zinina, A. A. Gvetadze, V. B. Smirnova-Sotmari
2022 Oftalʹmologiâ  
Purpose. To analyze the indicators of blood flow in the macular region and the peripapillary region in patients with a combination of glaucoma and axial myopia.Patients and methods. The paper analyzes the results of a study of 186 patients (343 eyes): 51 patients (92 eyes) with axial myopia (mean AVR 26.3 ± 1.9 mm) and diagnosed with primary open-angle glaucoma of various stages (Glaucoma + Myopia group), 42 patients (78 eyes) with axial myopia (mean AVR 26.5 ± 1.8 mm) without other
more » ... hology (Myopia group), 48 patients (86 eyes) with refraction close to emmetropic and primary open-angle glaucoma of various stages (Glaucoma group), 45 patients (87 eyes) without any ophthalmopathology and refraction close to emmetropic (Emmetropia group).Results. With the development of glaucoma, a decrease in the density of capillary perfusion and the density of vessels of the superficial plexus in the macular region was revealed, with a predominant decrease in the parameter in the lower sector, with a progressive decrease with the glaucoma severity. More pronounced deviations from the indicators of the control groups were recorded in the group of combined glaucoma and axial myopia. In the peripapillary region of patients with glaucoma, a decrease in capillary perfusion density and capillary flow index in the upper and especially in the lower sector was recorded, with more pronounced changes in the combination of the disease with axial myopia.Conclusion. The tomographic indicators of blood flow in the macular and peripapillary areas from this study can be used to obtain the most complete picture of the course of the glaucoma process in patients with different types of refraction, as well as for differential diagnosis and staging of glaucoma in high myopic eyes.
doi:10.18008/1816-5095-2022-3-638-646 fatcat:pfq6lanhmnfobog5x7rzmgp6jm