A Review on Rockburst as a Serious Safety Problem in Deep Underground Mines and other Excavation Projects

Evariste Murwanashyaka, Xuefeng Li, Guangxi University
2019 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
The previous research has found that, rockburst is a ground stress related problem which is likely to occur in deep underground mines or other excavation projects as the mining or excavation depth increase significantly. From this point of view, in order to initiate a research in deep underground engineering, the Authors have reviewed rockburst as a serious safety problem in deep underground mines and other excavations around the world. As the main objectives of this paper, the review was
more » ... ted for a thorough understanding of rockburst problem to arouse the Authors' great deal of interest to go through a detailed research on rockburst and other dynamic disasters in deep underground engineering. In such circumstance, the meaning and main causes, status, characteristics, different classification, and the main negative effects of rockburst and its control methods were discussed to achieve the objectives of this paper.
doi:10.17577/ijertv8is110194 fatcat:76pzfjukcncjfa2bd5bin5e7gu