Experimental Design and Characteristics of High-multiple Water-flooding Displacement

Wei Zhang, Renyi Cao, Donghong Luo, Wei Li, Changchao Chen
Sandstone reservoir production is carried out based on large-displacement depressurization in Xijiang 24-3 oilfield in the Pearl River Mouth Basin, and that most reservoirs have entered the high water-cut stage or extra-high water-cut stage at present due to the strong edge-bottom water energy and the high water-flooded degree in the petroliferous areas. The measurement experiments conducted in accordance with the conventional industry standards are barely able to reveal reservoir percolation
more » ... aracteristics under high-insensitive water flooding, while an experiment can be conducted based on the high-multiple water flooding in reservoirs to analyze the variation characteristics and regularities of reservoir physical property at the multi-displacement of high pore volume from the perspective of mineral composition, pore-throat structure, wettability, water-oil relative permeability, residual oil saturation, and oil displacement efficiency, explain the concept of limit oil displacement efficiency under high-multiple water flooding in offshore sandstone reservoirs, and accurately describe remaining oil with high-multiple water-flooding phase permeability using commercial software, to provide a technical basis for history matching and remaining oil development.