Explore the use of cobalt chloride (II) to determine the moisture content of transformer oil

L. I. Musaeva, A. P. Kulikova, V. K. Kozlov, L. G. Gafiyatullin, O. A. Turanova, A. N. Turanov
2017 Proceedings of the higher educational institutions ENERGY SECTOR PROBLEMS  
In presented work the methods of determining the moisture content in transformer oil are listed, their advantages and disadvantages are discussed, the idea of a new method is proposed, it based on the color change of cobalt chloride (II) hydrate due to the dependence of the number of water molecules.
doi:10.30724/1998-9903-2015-0-9-10-63-68 doaj:67dd004a2d94414ba7e17a790b7c98e2 fatcat:uysfei2t7rfojp4anx2z6iuwhq