Predictions for the Dirac CP violation phase in the neutrino mixing matrix

S. T. Petcov, I. Girardi, A. V. Titov
2015 International Journal of Modern Physics A  
Using the fact that the neutrino mixing matrix U = U^†_eU_ν, where U_e and U_ν result from the diagonalisation of the charged lepton and neutrino mass matrices, we analyse the predictions based on the sum rules which the Dirac phase δ present in U satisfies when U_ν has a form dictated by, or associated with, discrete flavour symmetries and U_e has a "minimal" form (in terms of angles and phases it contains) that can provide the requisite corrections to U_ν, so that the reactor, atmospheric and
more » ... solar neutrino mixing angles θ_13, θ_23 and θ_12 have values compatible with the current data.
doi:10.1142/s0217751x15300355 fatcat:edzech545bbwtidr3xdlq3qbsy