The Nanaimo Free Press [Monday, January 20, 1930] [article]

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Njfuimo'f Musi Popular Er ^ .tort OUR J-wV » eh«« ^C> -------Wc sUilr Bar VANCOUVER iSUND. BRITISH COUWIA. M0M)AY. JANUARY 20. 1930. UNGGOVERNNENTISASSJULEDBY TORyiipAUllfllOOPSffiEnNC I far par-fxiMS nf rrprdirnrjr aiH »f Hot!, R R Rrmirtt r«iwM--rd his Hriiish ( otatnbta aprahfait Mwr fc*r« Satardajr ■T>» r««l di<(*r«K« bclssMa tbr two .iwrti*!.-Ihr Coisscriraltv* ducftain mrlainrd, "is that wr ar* lor a toa-tmMty III policr featrd oa priticjpk. aad llK Ubml cosaraairm at Ottawa taparannris
more » ... » parprwrs of «spe«-riKV and thr sarariag of paartf Tfarr OHWt not." Ur Bonartt prortwifaii. "m the mtrrrstt of Cl hr anr policr lo^y with Orhatipr of pohcT rowMirrow to accwta rolrt Tht ofspesstfan lM«rr iaataarrd 4i~Y oung People Had Delightful Time Sunday drIwhiM Smff tlonp KrM Ust cTcmiw wImb tbr Yrnsna Pmv plr't Socfatr o« St. Aa*tw't L'aitedI Cbarch awl at llw hoair of >Jra. jack Taylor. U1 ICtiiBMfy strm. aH hrM Ike first of llw arrira of awatkiy siaits to tfa-rarioaa hoawa of Hit a calmers. Maay aoi.K artrr rtndaT'O • inn^ llw . aw-t .1 the rrcniru t'. af "ta IW?." Mr Braactl 4adarr4. •Lifcaral ■aaofacra M rotoil la tkair fuft strrnfth apaioai In III Ihr ParifK lor thr Pcacr RtYtr estrlrt Bal, kc wcat oa. tka priMc aianatn ka4. ai aaw of baa meat waatcra aperckaa, iatknatc4 a rkan«r ia Mwa Ekw Paarioa. aad Ursara Artkar Hathrn. jack Taylor Viawrat Cosrwry Rrlmbiarala wort Own trrrr4 after wkirh the party hr-kr ap. bN prtarof 4rrlarma r trains • sarctas Amons Ikoar prearm artrr Mr and Mr. A R r Hrbdr. Mr and Mrs Foararrt. Mr and Ur. A Hnrkm, Missr. Mary Han. F.hir pMraon. Edrth jaahmmn. Mar>ory Uiiy, Do-Police Called To Stop Church-Riot' Denver. Jan. 20.-A near riot durini? services at the Second COrurresational Church here yesterday was queJlcd only after police had been called and padlocked the church doods. Last night they refused to open the church and the pastor. Rev. H. J. Teddler, conducted services, in siih-rero weather, from the church steps, befor; a large group of his sup porters, Internal dissension hrol pen row when an attempt made to oust the pastor from church floor. rokeV.oat npt F LOODWITERS SWEEP rmiwo STATES Ltlhgot. Netlw Revm. Coral Ben nett lirace Omsewis, N'Mfcy Rogers. Sadw Forfar. NeRw ('lark. Miss ('warn and Mim MeCnrdy. and M*.»a Gor don Craftree. F.lnwv Bradsliaw. Gao RradAaw. Jack Umsents. RaM> MMa \ nwem Covawey and Dr W Nicked. Again. Mr Benortt prneeedrd. LM erals were now chinning credit for tbt so. ceu III the Canadian \alioBBl RaBways Bat, in t«a. kt ohaerved. la da vs id adversity for the system I.ikeral nirmbers had been critical Two yaara ago. Ike Cooservatfa., *-««?" •*»> »»» ^'•'h leader coMtiiiitd. Ukaral DEATH ACCIDENTAI. The ioBowuig verdict was rctnrned by the coroner s jory •wetipw with ttw death of Artknr I UertdMi voted m Ike Hoi^ nf Commons ag-i en^sanekd to mginre ainat a Coo^rvatire awwadmeni fne **>* ^*wn were reported bst night flooded > a depth of about two feet. K<> kisi of fife had been reported lid none was anticipated, due to wanting spread of the weakening of BiGINTEHATlONAL MALPAItLETTO OPEHTOHOHIilW London, Jan. V.-The great Mrsal conference opens |o of hope and optiiafsm. Assttrance that the delegates of ihe five willing to give their utmost to eiia the success of mternational parley siurnished in the nWires At 10 , . Downing Street todfy Premier Ramsay Macdonald met the " 32 delegates, who repreaent the British Empire and four other chief ival p ihe levees which gave way late Sat urday. Pkrmers throughout the af fected area were reported safe withi their livestock on nearby highlands. rowers of the ssortd will in their deliberations endeavor to make naval armament reduction a reaBty. The gathering, which will be in private, ia lor the purpose of eonsidering the ma chinery of the conference, appoint ment of committees and so forth. The King it motoring down te Lon don from Sandringham to receive the delegates at Buckingham Palace. In sh gover e main q ference, so far as apparent, may be k>wf: ons before the canthey are at present tumnied op at fot-1. The Angb-U. S navM par agreeinent. . 2. Abolishment of big hattlesbips, at least limitation of their stie a iroent or limitation in tixe Skyer Prefert Cliair Before Life Ta Chicago, Jan. Dorr, was found gnBty of-thc imirdar of Wm. O'Brien, hashatid of his al leged paramour, and sentenced to Me The junr seas ont three hours and fifteen mitmtes. Dorr e»at the verdict, de-TniT.DATEST sumirui FIHtBKIIEBS'TBlAl daring be would "rather <Se in the electric chair than spend the real my life in prison.' nmnn mira The death occurred at the iamily •esklencc, Northfield, at 4 a.m. yes terday morning of-Eaiyabeth Ann. wife Mr. James RoWnson. The de ceased. who was 74 years of age, was native of Durham, %gUnd, and has and Northfield foe hii drath _
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