Entropy optimized dissipative flow of Newtonian nanoliquid by a curved stretching surface

T. Hayat, W. Shinwari, Sohail A. Khan, A. Alsaedi
2021 Case Studies in Thermal Engineering  
A R T I C L E I N F O Keywords: Curved stretching surface Thermal radiation Second order slip Joule heating Bejan number Entropy generation and viscous dissipation A B S T R A C T The theme of this article is to scrutinize the radiative flow of Newtonian nanoliquid over a stretchable curved surface. Radiation effect, Joule heating and dissipation are considered in heat equation Furthermore random and thermophoresis motion effects are scrutinized. Physical description of entropy rate is
more » ... through thermodynamics second law. First order chemical reaction is addressed. Here convective boundary and slip effects are discussed. The given system is converted to ordinary one through suitable variable. The obtained systems are solved through ND-solve method. Influence of pertinent variables on velocity, entropy rate, concentration, temperature and Bejan number are examined through graphs. Computational outcomes of drag force and Nusselt number against variables are studied. For higher curvature parameter both velocity and temperature have increasing effects. Reduction in velocity profile is seen through velocity slip variable. An amplification in temperature and entropy is noticed with variation in radiation variable. Higher magnetic variable leads to reduce velocity profile. A reverse trend in Bejan number and temperature is noted against Brinkman number. An intensification in concentration is observed for solutal slip variable. An increment in Brinkman number corresponds to rises entropy rate. The novelty of present work is associated through considerations of second order velocity slip and convective conditions of heat and mass in chemically reactive flow by a curved stretching regime. To our information even little is presented yet for such flow subject to first order slip condition and without convective conditions. Further linear version of radiation is accounted.
doi:10.1016/j.csite.2021.101263 fatcat:fxuw3bzd6jhwpdlb5htg4pbeqm