The influence of organizational and technological complexity on the period of job execution

Igor A. Dorogan
2019 Vestnik MGSU  
Introduction. An essential index of the efficiency of the construction organization is its building period, which depends on the timing of individual work items. It is especially significant for large projects of public buildings including ones of medical establishments being complicated installations regarding their space-and-planning and technological aspects. It is known that the job duration is influenced by its complexity and number of workers assigned for it. However, the influence of the
more » ... job complexity remains unexplored. It can be expressed by the average job grade and quantity of requirements for the job results. In addition to this, the nonlinear feature of the dependencies is not studied. Materials and methods. A statistical study was conducted to examine the feature of the processes and the reason for managing requirements. It was based on the data of the job labor content, complexity and duration, the number of workers during the construction of the Research Institute of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology building of the Scientific Medicine Centre of Oncology named after N.N. Blokhin in Moscow. The analysis showed the regression equation, the correlation, and determination coefficients. The significance of the coefficients was estimated using the Student's criterion. Results. The study demonstrated a nonlinear dependence on the factors considered on the job duration. However, the average job grade is of a minor effect and can be excluded from the influencing factors. On the contrary, the quantity of requirements has a significant impact, which indicates the need to manage the requirements in the course of construction. Conclusions. To reduce the job duration, it is necessary to create a requirements management system that will also improve the quality of the performed work. In the future, it is expedient to conduct research on other construction projects.
doi:10.22227/1997-0935.2019.10.1331-1340 fatcat:gsqxlpvc7bdmtkfonvgz4biyua