Remote Generation of Entanglement for Individual Atoms via Optical Fibres

Guo Yan-Qing, Zhong Hai-Yang, Zhang Ying-Hui, Song He-Shan
2008 Chinese Physics Letters  
The generation of atomic entanglement is discussed in a system that atoms are trapped in separate cavities which are connected via optical fibers. Two distant atoms can be projected to Bell-state by synchronized turning off the local laser fields and then performing a single quantum measurement by a distant controller. The distinct advantage of this scheme is that it works in a regime that Δ≈κ≫ g, which makes the scheme insensitive to cavity strong leakage. Moreover, the fidelity is not affected by atomic spontaneous emission.
doi:10.1088/0256-307x/25/7/009 fatcat:yxf6sikmlrgi3pa2kkaukcoaqu