Distribution Characteristics of Birds in Dongbokcheon Stream and Dongbokho Reservoir

Seon Deok Jin, Gi Chang Bing, Woon Kee Paek, Doo Pyo Lee
2010 Journal of Korean Nature  
This study was conducted from May until December 2005, once per season, to estimate the distribution of birds in Dongbokcheon stream. The results of the study showed 70 species and 2,420 individuals, which 32 species and 349 individuals during the spring, 39 species and 548 individuals during summer, 39 species and 459 individuals during the fall and 43 species and 1,064 individuals during the winter. The Dominant species included Paradoxornis webbianus (12.60%), Mergus merganser (9.75%),
more » ... montanus (8.84%), Emberiza elegans (6.49%), Streptopelia orientalis (5.21%), Anas poecilorhyncha and Cyanopica cyana (5.00%). The number of species per distance (km) was the highest in site 3 at 6.4 species and 97.6 individuals, followed by site 1 (5 species and 78.3 individuals) and then site 2 (3.4 species and 71.8 individuals). The results were similar to species diversity as well, with site 3 showing the highest at 3.20, followed by site 1 (3.07) and then site 2 (2.78). In terms of dominant species, site 1 and 3 were the most dominant at passerine birds with exception of egrets. But site 2 showed the highest rate at waterfowl. The species diversity of waterfowl, site 2 showed the highest number of species (13 species and 407 individuals) at 52.7%, with site 1 showing the lowest (12 species and 129 individuals) at 18.3%.
doi:10.1016/s1976-8648(14)60011-6 fatcat:xv4lpzxokffexpxwl4mmh7xcre