The Farmer's Weather-Ometer

1847 Scientific American  
Jt[""uCactluc oC Steel Pens. Although millions of metallic pens are coo sumed in Europe and other parts of the world yet the manufacture of them is little under stood, and carried on extensively only in En gland and the United States. The principle of this manufacture is ex tremely simple, nevertheless, the operations necessary to bring th' ;s small article to the state in which we see it, are more com pllca ted than we should be led to expect. The fol lowing is the information on the subject
more » ... ich we have been able to collect : The material of which metallic steel pens is made, consists, in general, of plates of steel, of the same thiclmess of the pen when finish ed. These steel plates are fi'om 1.25 metres to 1.50 metres long, by 0.60 to metre wide-(the metre is equal to 3D.371 English inches.) They are cut by a machine entirely similar to that used for cutting the paste boards for Jacquard looms, into bands 01' strips, the' width of which is about double the length that each pen should have when finished.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican03131847-200a fatcat:k76kl4z5b5dd7ijkca24l7ef5a