Ukrainian artistic crafts within scientific writings of local researchers

Anastasia Varyvonchyk
2021 Vìsnik Nacìonalʹnoï akademìï kerìvnih kadrìv kulʹturi ì mistectv  
The purpose of the article is to disseminate information on the formation, development, the genesis of art crafts in Ukraine and determining the status of the study of the scientific problem of leveling their meaning. The monographs presented, books, albums, articles noted the essence of technologies for performing products in decorative and applied arts, in which the features of the figurative structure of artistic works are subject to a comprehensive analysis of art historical directions. The
more » ... methodology of the study is based on the factual, bibliographic, and topological consideration of materials, on the analysis of the art historical, historical, cultural nature used by the method of accumulating and systematization of factual material. Analytical, deductive, and inductive methods were also used, providing the possibility of summing up common outcomes based on the information received from the primary sources, archival documents, materials, memories of witnesses of events. The scientific novelty is to disclose the foundations of the scientific content of Ukrainian artistic classes based on the analysis of the origin, kinship, the development of phenomena denoted by the words "crafts" and "Industry". Analyzing the works of scientists about the creation of products of patterned textile artistic weaving, embroidery, carpets, wood threads, pottery, painting. We put the question of the emergence of the most well-known industries of traditional art crafts in Ukraine. Drawing attention to the fact that in the post-war years numerous mechanized factories, equipped with the production of domestic equipment, increased production of consumer goods, production took an active part in the district, regional and interregional social resources, the union was exhibited by artistic fields at exhibitions of state and international levels At the end of the twentieth century in the area of the local industry there is a decline. Many organizations affected art crafts during the NTR (scientific and technical revolution) and engineering growth. The Ministry of Local Industry was carried out to control numerous enterprises for the manufacture of works of art. Conclusions. Based on the results of the study of the source base and the study of archival materials, we can draw conclusions that in the analyzed publications of the authors, there is not enough attention to the industrial aspect, namely the activities of the production association, factories who worked with art crafts in Ukraine. Artists are mentioned by scientists, and there is no subject consideration of the case, there is confusion in the interpretation of key concepts. In our opinion, insufficient attention of researchers and scientists, this important topic is due to the lack of practical experience in production, knowledge of the industrial artistic association and demonstrates the low theoretical level of analysis in this important industry - art and production, namely production, creating artworks.
doi:10.32461/2226-3209.2.2021.239981 fatcat:enhnulljbvf2ldwxjbnebrjnky