A Review on Passive Solar Dryers for Agricultural Products

A Balasuadhakar, Teklebirhan Fisseha, Amessalu Atenafu, Bariso Bino
2016 IJIRST-International Journal for Innovative Research in Science & Technology|   unpublished
Drying is basically a phenomenon of removal of liquid by evaporation from a solid material. In drying technique the psychometric is of importance as it refers to the properties of air-vapor mixture that controls the rate of drying. When an adequate supply of heat is provided for drying, the temperature and rate at which the liquid vaporization occurs will depend on the vapour concentration in the surrounding atmosphere. Solar drying refers to methods of using the solar energy for drying .A
more » ... for drying .A solar dryer is an enclosed unit, to keep the food safe from damages, birds, insects and unexpected rainfall. There are various types of solar dryers it's mainly classified as active and passive dryers. Active dryers are forced convection system and passive are natural convection system of air. The passive dryers are more economical than active dryers. There is a need to make the solar dryers more efficient and cheaper. In this paper, we reviewed the various researches in passive solar dryers for drying agricultural products.