Comparative study on effect of natural and synthetic superdisintegrants in the formulation of orodispersible tablets

Lavika Gandhi, Semimul Akhtar
2019 Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics  
Now-a-days, Orodispersible drug delivery systems are extensively used to improve bioavailability and patient compliance. Over the past three decades, Orodispersible tablets (ODTs) have gained considerable attention as a preferred alternative to conventional tablets and capsules due to better patient compliance, improved solubility and stability profiles. ODTs are solid dosage forms containing medicinal substances which disintegrate rapidly, usually in a matter of seconds, when placed on the
more » ... ue. New ODT technologies address many pharmaceutical and patient needs, ranging from enhanced life-cycle management to convenient dosing for paediatric, geriatric, and psychiatric patients with dysphagia. The therapeutic activity of these formulations is obtained through a typical manner like disintegration followed by dissolution. Hence disintegration has major role for facilitating drug activity. In recent years, several newer agents have been developed known as superdisintegrants. The objective of the present article is to highlight the various kinds of superdisintegrants (Natural & Synthetic) along with their role in tablet disintegration and drug release, which are being used in the formulation to provide the safer, effective drug delivery with patient compliance. Keywords: ODTs, Orodispersible tablets, Disintegrants, Superdisintegrants, Natural, and Synthetic.
doi:10.22270/jddt.v9i2.2404 fatcat:qbosz2ti75ajveedrzs27daxx4